"per aspera ad astra"

 Seeing forward in a challenging world

Metering & control

Compact measurement and control systems for single phase and multiphase fluid flow. Non-intrusive and easy to maintain.

operation & maintenance

To complement our solutions, we offer guidance and support for operation and maintenance.

customized solutions

Our R&D division lets us provide clients with products that meet their specific needs and requirements.

main operating areas

Energy, fluids and underground

oil & gas

Since the beginning, the main field in our research activities was petroleum engineering. The natural evolution from didactics to research and development activity. A continous evolution process who requires innovation and optimization tasks. The main research area was multiphase flows declined as metering.



Energy, the most used word. How underground could give to the humans a sustainable source of energy, this is the key issue from where we start to work. The bottom-up concept was early developed and was improved. New concepts have been designed to keep energy in a sustainable way.

who we are

We are a compact and enthusiastic spin off company who wholeheartedly subscribe to continuous learning and improvement and who have a willingness to share and collaborate with our partners. Our mission is to blend R&D know-how from academia with practical consulting experience from industry to enhance production systems in the global energy and environmental sectors via innovative measurement and control solutions and world class training and development of operating staff.

our partner


Since 1974 Valcom® designs, develops and manufactures measuring and control instruments for industrial processes and marine applications. More than 35 years of experience and efforts in developing innovative products for the measures of level, pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, temperature, flow, density, gloss, consistency and oil mist, make Valcom® Your ideal partner for sensors and control equipments.