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About Us

The Grolla

We took the “Grolla” as a symbol to express our group identity. Sharing: Drink all from the same source of knowledge and share experiences in order to grow together. The custom of drinking in company from a single chalice has remote origins and the act of drinking in turn would make it more strong ties between people. So we think that by offering the cup of knowledge and by drinking with our partners customers can grow strong together.

3FASE srl creates bespoke alternative measurement solutions for the global energy and environmental sectors. By drawing on our academic and consulting partnership, we provide innovative yet pragmatic answers that are adapted to the specific conditions of each field application and consider fully the reliability of the interpretation models used.


  • CEO
  • Prof. Claudio Alimonti
  • Managing Director
  • Dr. Ing. Donato Bocchetti

The corporate structure is designed as a real bridge between the academic world and the business world. Following the principle of technology transfer the company shares have been structured by focusing on the research team with the majority stake and placing the two actors, Sapienza Università di Roma and Terranova srl, with quotas to support entrepreneurship.

H&G Workgroup

In 1992 a group of professors and students of Sapienza University of Rome – Faculty of Engineering founded the HWG, an association to operate in the field of Oil & Gas. Since 1992 the group has worked to spread the knowledge developed in the research conducted by Prof. Alimonti. The most important part of the work covered the multiphase flows and in particular the flow records.
From the experience gained over the years and new knowledge gained into new fields has become necessary to set up a new working group within the university. This was picking up the legacy of the HWG and incorporating new expertise developed. The result is the H & G Workgroup.

Italia degli innovatori

In 2011 3FASE srl participate and was selected to the Italia degli innovatori project.

Italia degli innovatori 3 Fase srl

The industrial partner: Terranova srl

Terranova srl 3 Fase srl Partner

TERRANOVA® is a group gathering the oldest and most historical Italian Brands of Process Instrumentation: Spriano® (1923), Valcom® (1974) and Mec-Rela® (1976). To present a great portfolio of experiences and solutions for all Process Industries with the quality, the creativity and the excellence that the Italian manufacture has always demonstrated in the years. Spriano® began its activity in 1923 manufacturing pressure and temperature gauges, modulating pneumatic controller, contributing a consistent technical improvement to Industrial Automation and Control.
Founded in Milan in 1974, Valcom® started with the designing and manufacturing of measurement and control instruments with specific expertise in the Pulp & Paper Industry. The continuous efforts in researching made Valcom® significantly enter the Marine business in the Early 90s, with perfect selection of the suitable materials for sea-type and offshore application. In 1976, a complete line of Control Valves were engineered and manufactured with the name of Mec-Rela®, providing effective and efficient solutions for Industrial applications also in extremely harsh conditions.