customized solutions

We are constantly open for identifying and developing new and innovative challenging projects in metering and automation control. In line with our vision we share with the customers our knowledge in order to obtain the best results as possible and increasing expertise and skills. Our follow-on activities ensure ongoing operational assistance to the client (if needed) and to assist in continuous product development and enhancement. We include additional services in data interpretation for development of bespoke fluid models.


gas diagnostic while drilling

In the preliminary draft excavations in the underground can be of particular interest the evaluation of the presence of harmful and explosive gas. In collaboration with Collins srl has been developed a system for the detection of gas during the excavation of exploratory drillings.


MPd manifold

During the development of R & D in drilling it has been developed on behalf of WEI srl, a control system of a manifold dedicated to managed pressure drilling services. The collaboration has helped to achieve a compact and efficient product.