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Metering & Control

Metering & Control

Implementation of solutions for measurements in multiphase flows based on the use of conventional hardware and sensors, but enhancing these traditional results by integrating them with state-of-the-art computational models, arising from innovative research and experimental tests carried out by the academic team.
Our research let us provide clients with products that are mechanically simple, low cost and adaptable to meet their specific needs and requirements. Additional value is provided from access to our leading edge mathematical models which have been painstakingly developed, optimized and validated in field trials at real producing conditions.

Venturis and Wedges

Venturis and Wedges

Flow metering device developed for single and multiphase flows.

Density and Phase Fraction

Density and phase fraction

Phase fraction as well as density are key issues in multiphase flow metering.

Chokes and Control Valves

Chokes and control valves

Common device are the most interesting to be fitted with instrumentation and becoming meters.

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