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Choke and control valves

Chokes and Control Valves

Choke and control valves

Valves are mechanical devices commonly used in pipelines and pipe networks for industrial applications, including petroleum, power and process industries. Control valves with an integrated measurement system could give the flow of each phase in a multiphase flow.
Sapienza Università di Roma grants the exclusive license to 3FASE srl to exploit the invention under patent no. IT1333990 (priority ‘RM2002A00318) entitled “Procedure for the determination of the flow rate of multiphase fluid mixtures”, allowing the production and the selling of the product.

Choke Valve Analyzer

Choke valve Analyzer

Since 1992 knowledge on Choke valves has been developed at “Sapienza” University of Rome. Lab tests and R&D work was the foundation of the present know how. In a THERMIE project (1995-1998) the modeling of the flow through a choke valve has been improved. Tests in the Trecate test loop (Eni) and in the ENEA were the basis in developing the knowledge contained in the licensed patent (IT 1333990). An extend test (10 months) has been carried out on a well in the Southern Italy under the grant of Enterprise Oil (Shell Italia today).
We were consulted to develop the metering part of a Eni project on a innovative choke valve (2005-2013). Three choke valves have been installed on wellhead and the metering system was operating for several years.

Intelligent Valve Concept

Intelligent valve concept

Control valves are present in every plant in order to control fluid flow. The concept was “use the common control valves to have flow metering”. Starting from the concept have been tested different valves in the Lab. Globe and gate valves were the most promising. A specially designed valve has been identified in the Mokveld control valve. Founded by Mokveld a research project has been developed to study the possibility of inserting instrumentation on the valve body to have a measurement of the flow rate in single and two-phase flow.

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